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Implantica Secures Major Hospital Deal for RefluxStop™ in Italy, Expands European Acceptance

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Implantica AG, a leading medical technology company specializing in cutting-edge internal devices, has recently announced a significant achievement in its mission to offer advanced medical solutions. The company has secured a notable agreement with the IRCCS Saverio De Bellis hospital in Bari, Puglia, Italy, for the purchase of its innovative RefluxStop™ device.

This agreement marks a pivotal step forward in expanding access to the RefluxStop™ procedure for patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) in the Castellana Grotte area of Bari and the wider Puglia Region. IRCCS De Bellis, renowned for its focus on Gastroenterological diseases, represents a prestigious institution in Italy's healthcare landscape.

Signed in February 2024, the agreement commits the hospital to procuring up to 36 RefluxStop™ devices annually at full price. Notably, all six patients who underwent the procedure at IRCCS De Bellis have shown successful recovery, underscoring the effectiveness of the treatment.

RefluxStop™ offers a revolutionary approach to GERD treatment by addressing the underlying cause of the disease and restoring natural anatomical functions. Unlike traditional surgical methods dating back to the 1950s, RefluxStop™ boasts fewer side effects, providing a significant benefit for patients.

Italy has an estimated 11 million individuals affected by acid reflux, highlighting the urgent need for improved surgical interventions. The agreement with IRCCS De Bellis represents a significant advancement in expanding access to this innovative treatment across the country.

Implantica AG is optimistic about the continued effectiveness and adoption of the RefluxStop™ procedure within the medical community. Each agreement with a public hospital not only advances the reimbursement process but also demonstrates the growing acceptance of innovative medical technologies in Italy's public healthcare system.

The company remains dedicated to advancing healthcare by providing RefluxStop™ therapy to patients in the Puglia region and beyond. This commitment aims to enhance treatment options and improve outcomes for individuals suffering from GERD.





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