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ImmunoTek Plasma Establishes New Location in Queensbury

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

ImmunoTek Bio Centers has recently opened a new ImmunoTek Plasma facility in Queensbury, New York. This marks their first location in the state and provides an opportunity for the Queensbury community to visit their advanced facility and learn more about the importance of donating blood plasma.

Donating blood plasma at centers like ImmunoTek Plasma can make a tremendous difference in the lives of individuals with chronic rare diseases and disorders, many of which are life-threatening. These individuals heavily rely on plasma-derived medications, making plasma donations a life-saving gift. ImmunoTek is proud to include the Queensbury, New York location as part of their expanding network of plasma donation centers across the country.

Plasma, the golden liquid remaining after removing red and white blood cells from the blood, is a vital component in creating medicines and plasma-based therapies. It helps in treating patients with various conditions such as burn victims, those with bleeding disorders, transplant recipients, individuals with autoimmune diseases, and more. Since plasma cannot be synthesized by scientists, centers like the new ImmunoTek Plasma location in Queensbury play a crucial role in meeting the global demand for plasma.

The United States is responsible for providing two-thirds of the world's plasma, and the demand continues to grow by 6% to 8% each year. To be eligible for plasma donation, prospective donors undergo medical screenings, a review of their medical history, and a physical examination by the center's medical professionals. The donation process is similar to giving blood, where a safe and sterile automated method called plasmapheresis separates plasma from the donor's blood, returning the remaining red blood cells. Donors can donate plasma up to twice a week, contributing significantly to meeting the ongoing demand.



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