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ICON Unveils Upgraded Digital Platform, Seamlessly Integrating Patient Services and Streamlining Data Harmonization

Monday, June 26, 2023

ICON plc, a leading healthcare intelligence and clinical research organization, has announced the launch of its latest Digital Platform. This platform enables seamless integration of ICON's patient, site, and sponsor services, while also harmonizing data for clinical trials. The platform is highly customizable, accommodating various study designs from traditional to fully decentralized, and covers a wide range of therapeutic areas.

The ICON Digital Platform provides end-to-end solutions for patient services throughout clinical trials. It includes a user-friendly mobile app for patients, eConsent, electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA), direct data capture for in-home services, telemedicine capabilities, and digital health technology management. All these features are consolidated within a single platform, offering flexibility for different types of clinical trials.

Notable features of the ICON Digital Platform include the eCOA module, which comes pre-loaded with the validated Mapi Research Trust library, instruments, and translations. This significantly reduces setup time during study initiation. The platform also integrates seamlessly with the FIRECREST Site Portal for training and communications, Clinical Trial Tokenization, digital outreach for patient recruitment, laboratory data integration, and comprehensive reporting dashboards and analytics.

To support users of the Digital Platform, ICON offers a range of customized clinical and technical Concierge Services. These services include enrollment and onboarding support, technology and device logistics assistance, adherence check-ins, and study completion services.

ICON ensures regulatory compliance by deploying and managing the platform within its robust regulatory framework. The platform's scalability and language localization capabilities further minimize regulatory compliance risks for sponsors.

Steve Cutler, CEO of ICON, emphasized the efficiency and quality data delivery provided by the latest version of the Digital Platform. Its user-friendly nature enhances patient-centricity, reduces barriers to trial participation, and promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion among patient populations.

The platform is built on a scalable cloud-first framework and API-first architecture, allowing for easy deployment, shortened study startup timelines, and interoperability with key operational systems.



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