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Ibex and PathPresenter Collaborate to Drive AI-Powered Digital Pathology Adoption

Thursday, March 07, 2024

Ibex Medical Analytics and PathPresenter have joined forces in a significant collaboration aimed at promoting the integration of AI-powered digital pathology. Their partnership aims to facilitate the adoption of AI tools in laboratories, hospitals, and healthcare systems worldwide.

This initiative reflects a broader trend toward digital transformation within the pathology field, driven by advancements in AI technology. Ibex and PathPresenter seek to modernize the industry by empowering pathologists with AI-driven solutions to enhance diagnostic accuracy, streamline laboratory operations, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

PathPresenter offers a robust and secure enterprise workflow platform tailored specifically for pathology needs. Developed by experienced pathologists, the platform is trusted by numerous prestigious institutions globally. It supports various aspects of clinical care, remote consultations, education, and research, with features such as optimized storage, seamless integration with LIS systems, and support for third-party and proprietary AI algorithms.

On the other hand, Ibex's Galen platform stands out as one of the most widely utilized AI technologies in pathology. Deployed across numerous laboratories and pathology departments worldwide, Galen provides valuable support during the diagnosis of various biopsies, including those from breast, prostate, and gastric tissues. Its capabilities aim to enhance diagnostic accuracy, reduce turnaround times, optimize lab workflows, and improve the overall experience for pathologists.

Clinical studies have demonstrated Galen's effectiveness across different pathology labs and diagnostic workflows, affirming its value in real-world scenarios.

The partnership between Ibex and PathPresenter underscores the increasing importance of AI-driven solutions in pathology and their potential to revolutionize diagnostic processes and patient care.




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