I-Tek Medical and Vita Group Join Forces to Create VitaTek: Leading the Way in Vertical Integration for Medical Devices

Thursday, November 09, 2023

In a groundbreaking move within the medical device development sector, I-Tek Medical, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Vita Group, a prominent medical device incubator and accelerator also located in Minneapolis, have joined hands to establish VitaTek. This venture aims to become the sole vertically integrated medical device company in the United States. With 18 years of experience collaborating with various R&D consulting firms, Pat Haley, from I-Tek Medical, stresses the importance of a seamless transition between R&D and contract manufacturing (CM). Clear communication and well-defined expectations of costs and timelines are crucial for success in this field.

Recognizing the potential to enhance the customer experience in medical device development, Pat sought a merger with an R&D firm sharing similar core values. VitaTek offers end-to-end, in-house services, covering R&D, rapid prototyping, regulatory compliance, user testing, die mold and tooling, contract manufacturing, sterile barrier packaging, injection molding, final assembly, ETO sterilization, distribution, and the deployment of a medical device sales team. VitaTek's innovative approach is designed to lower costs, expedite timelines, and consolidate the entire development process. Their commitment to providing a seamless, comprehensive experience for partners, customers, and investors reflects their dedication to reshaping the future of medical device development.


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