Hopper Health Launches Personalized Primary Care For Neurodivergent Adults

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Hopper Health, a revolutionary digital primary care platform, has announced its official launch in California and New York. This groundbreaking platform focuses on providing personalized care for neurodivergent adults by connecting them with trained care navigators and primary care teams who understand their unique communication and sensory needs.

In the United States, one in five adults is neurodivergent, encompassing conditions such as autism, ADHD, OCD, and Tourette's. However, visiting the doctor can be an overwhelming experience for individuals with these conditions. The excessive paperwork, bright lights, and doctor-patient dynamic often exacerbate their anxiety and lead to challenges in expressing their true healthcare needs. Neurodivergent individuals are also more likely to experience co-occurring mental health conditions, have their neurodevelopmental conditions misdiagnosed, and face other comorbidities such as GI issues, autoimmune disorders, and chronic pain.

Unfortunately, the U.S. healthcare system is ill-equipped to cater to the needs of neurodivergent individuals. A staggering 85% of medical students feel inadequately prepared to provide care for autistic patients, leading to diagnostic overshadowing and a lack of appropriate care. Additionally, less than 3% of physicians report having a disability, including neurodevelopmental disorders. Consequently, many neurodivergent adults avoid seeking care for potentially serious or life-threatening conditions due to the scarcity of healthcare providers who understand their unique challenges.

To address these critical gaps in care, Hopper Health was founded by a team of neurodivergent individuals who are passionate about improving healthcare for their community. Hopper Health offers culturally-competent primary care and healthcare navigation services tailored to the specific needs of neurodivergent patients. Upon joining, members are connected with a neurodivergent peer navigator who can empathize with their experiences. Clinically-validated screeners gather comprehensive information about family, social, and health history, as well as sensory and communication preferences, which is then shared with the primary care clinician. Hopper's clinicians are trained to accommodate neurodivergent patients, ensuring optimal patient care. Each visit includes an extended history review, development of a personalized care plan, and insurance navigation to streamline the process and enhance patient engagement.

Katya Siddall-Cipolla, CEO and Founder of Hopper Health, who herself is autistic and has ADHD, created the platform to improve the quality of care for individuals like her. She understands the challenges faced by neurodivergent patients, including the lack of effective accommodations and the struggle to be taken seriously as experts on their own symptoms and experiences. Siddall-Cipolla's goal is to empower neurodivergent adults to take control of their health by providing a support system that inherently understands their unique needs and challenges.

With extensive experience in healthcare leadership at top insurers, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and a background as a combat medic in the US Army, Siddall-Cipolla is well-versed in navigating the payor system and fostering partnerships for value-based programs that enhance patient experiences and reduce overall healthcare costs.

During the initial launch, Hopper Health will offer a direct-to-consumer membership priced at $99 per month for residents of California and New York. The platform aims to expand its coverage to include in-network insurance and Medicaid in the future. Those interested in joining can sign up for the waitlist, and Hopper Health is actively recruiting primary care practitioners and peer navigators who specialize in or have an interest in working with neurodivergent adults. PCPs and navigators who wish to collaborate with Hopper Health can contact [email protected].


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