Hoag's Innovative Approach to Early and Accurate Lung Cancer Detection through Advanced Technology

Thursday, September 07, 2023

Hoag Family Cancer Institute, located in Orange County, has introduced an innovative technology that significantly advances the early detection of lung cancer. This cutting-edge approach combines the Cios Spin imaging equipment with Hoag's Ion Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscopy, empowering physicians with a higher degree of accuracy when diagnosing lung cancer at its most treatable stage.

By seamlessly integrating these technologies, Hoag is enhancing the diagnostic process by providing real-time, CT-like images during procedures, making it less invasive for patients. Traditional diagnostic methods often struggle to precisely locate the tissue for biopsy, limiting the ability to diagnose lung cancer in its early stages.

The Cios Spin system allows surgeons to receive real-time 3D confirmation of the instrument's positioning as they navigate the airways using robotic bronchoscopy. This combined approach offers diagnostic accuracy that rivals traditional percutaneous CT guidance while maintaining a strong safety record. Furthermore, the Ion robotic bronchoscope paired with the Cios Spin system significantly improves diagnostic accuracy while reducing complications by tenfold compared to CT-guided biopsies.

This means fewer follow-up procedures are required, and there's even the potential for diagnosing and treating the condition within a single procedure, leading to improved medical outcomes and a more positive patient experience.

The integration of the Cios Spin into their diagnostic toolkit underscores Hoag's commitment to providing lung cancer patients with a better chance of overcoming their illness. This groundbreaking advancement solidifies Hoag's position as a leading institution in Orange County for effectively addressing lung cancer diagnoses.



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