HeartFocus Teams Up with Butterfly Garden to Enable Lifesaving Echocardiograms for All Healthcare Providers

Monday, June 24, 2024

HeartFocus, the groundbreaking AI-driven heart exam software by DESKi, a leading provider of automated image analysis tools, has announced its integration into Butterfly Garden.

Butterfly Garden is an AI Marketplace launched by Butterfly Network, a digital health company revolutionizing care with portable, semiconductor-based ultrasound technology.

Under this new partnership, HeartFocus aims to incorporate its patented AI-powered software with Butterfly’s single-probe, whole-body handheld ultrasound system, pending necessary approvals.

This collaboration will merge innovative technologies, allowing healthcare professionals to perform medical-grade cardiac scans from virtually any location.

This can significantly increase access to high-quality heart scans, improving detection and management of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the US and globally.

In August 2023, Butterfly Network launched Butterfly Garden, giving third-party developers access to its proprietary SDK and APIs to build AI applications for Butterfly’s imaging platform.

This initiative provides access to the largest point-of-care ultrasound customer base. HeartFocus, utilizing proprietary algorithms trained on a unique AI library of over 10 million data points, is an ideal participant in this program.

“Access to precision-quality heart care has been limited for too long. Our motto, ‘No heart can wait™,’ reflects our commitment to change that. HeartFocus’ advanced imaging technology aims to set a new standard for accessible, quality echocardiograms.

Butterfly’s real-time streaming capability and extensive healthcare provider network make them a crucial partner in this mission. I look forward to the impact of our collaboration.”

Partner with HeartFocus to introduce a transformative cardiac AI tool to Butterfly devices.

This will empower healthcare providers and enhance cardiac exams for patients. Combining DESKi's AI-driven HeartFocus software with Butterfly's affordable, portable ultrasound probes will significantly advance access to high-quality cardiovascular care, furthering Butterfly’s mission to democratize medical imaging for everyone, everywhere.”







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