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Harmar Mobility Introduces Up Stairlift For The United States Market

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Harmar Mobility is excited to announce the launch of their UP Stairlift in the United States. The UP Stairlift is a modular curved stairlift that can be easily stocked and installed, providing a unique solution for individuals in need of immediate accessibility.

As a prominent manufacturer of stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, and vehicle lifts in the United States, Harmar Mobility strives to offer a wide range of options to enhance independence and safety for those with mobility challenges. The addition of the UP Stairlift to their product line further expands their offerings, specifically addressing the need for quick installations in cases where a straight stairlift is not suitable.

The UP Stairlift joins Harmar's existing curved stairlift line, including the popular Helix model, providing customers with even more choices to meet their specific staircase requirements. With the UP Stairlift, Harmar aims to provide a reliable accessibility solution that can be customized on-site to accommodate unique and challenging staircases, while also being readily available for prompt installations.

Steve Dawson, CEO of Harmar, expressed his enthusiasm for the UP Stairlift, highlighting its benefits by stating, "The UP Stairlift is a fantastic addition to our product line. We are excited to help a wider range of individuals by offering an accessibility solution that can be quickly built and installed, ensuring immediate accessibility when it's needed the most."

The UP Stairlift boasts several convenient features, such as instant customer drawings for rail and build sheet, internet connectivity for diagnostics and tracking, and standard functionalities like power seat swivel and power footrest. Harmar Mobility has the exclusive distribution rights for the UP Stairlift in the United States, which is manufactured by DeVi Stairlift, a reputable company based in the Netherlands.

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