Happe Spine Marks Milestone With First-ever Clinical Implementation Of Integrate®-c Interbody Fusion System

Monday, August 14, 2023

HAPPE Spine has made a noteworthy announcement regarding the successful introduction of the INTEGRATE®-C Interbody Fusion System in its inaugural clinical case. This breakthrough signifies a momentous advancement, as the INTEGRATE-C system exhibited exceptional performance, seamlessly engaging with impressive efficiency. Its inventive design, featuring porosity, showcased a remarkable capability to attract blood and autologous factors upon implantation, thereby expediting the vital healing process. Equally remarkable is the system's outstanding visibility in radiographs, combined with a natural appearance once it becomes integrated within the body.

Driven by the pioneering HAPPE® platform, the INTEGRATE®-C system presents an innovative approach by fully integrating porosity and hydroxyapatite. This unique fusion generates an ideal environment that fosters accelerated healing, establishing a novel standard in interbody fusion cages. The interconnected cancellous porosity takes bone ingrowth to an unprecedented level, spanning from endplate to endplate, while the incorporation of hydroxyapatite on all surfaces facilitates enhanced cell signaling and encourages bone growth. Noteworthy as well, the INTEGRATE®-C offers a dual advantage by being both radio-visible and radiolucent, delivering unparalleled clarity during intra-operative imaging and post-operative fusion evaluation.

This accomplishment serves as a testament to the forward-thinking concept of incorporating porosity and hydroxyapatite into polyetheretherketone (PEEK) during the early phases of PEEK interbody fusion cages. The unwavering dedication of our committed team has resulted in a product poised to redefine patient outcomes. With a carefully planned limited user release, our primary focus revolves around accumulating robust clinical data that underscores the effectiveness of the groundbreaking HAPPE® biomaterial platform and the remarkable INTEGRATE® product line. Looking ahead, a nationwide launch is on the horizon, scheduled to commence later this year.


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