Groundbreaking Melanoma Early Detection Screening Launches in Regional NSW

Monday, December 11, 2023

The Mid North Coast region in New South Wales (NSW) is making significant strides in melanoma detection by introducing a cutting-edge 3D melanoma imaging and diagnostics machine. This initiative aims to enhance research capabilities and improve the early identification of melanoma, known as the deadliest form of skin cancer. In collaboration with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation’s Australian Centre of Excellence in Melanoma Imaging and Diagnosis, the Mid North Coast Local Health District is actively involved in a substantial three-year, $10 million research project.

The state-of-the-art 3D imaging system is expected to revolutionize early detection and diagnosis, particularly in regional areas. Residents in Port Macquarie and neighboring communities will have the opportunity to access this advanced technology, contributing to ongoing research and development efforts focused on innovating screening and detection methods for melanomas.

The 3D scanner, equipped with 92 digital cameras that capture the entire skin surface, produces a comprehensive 3D image of the patient. Specialized software is then employed to document all lesions on the body, with moles and lesions tagged using unique identifiers for continuous monitoring. This meticulous approach allows for the identification of any concerning changes in lesions over time.

In partnership with The University of Sydney, University of Queensland, and Monash University, the introduction of this 3D body scanner is anticipated to be a transformative advancement, especially for individuals at high risk of developing skin cancers.


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