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Gesund Expands AI Assurance Platform with Trillium Health Partners

Saturday, March 09, 2024

Gesund, a company dedicated to ensuring the safety, fairness, and effectiveness of medical artificial intelligence (AI) globally, has announced a strategic partnership with the Institute for Better Health (IBH) at Trillium Health Partners (THP) in Toronto. This collaboration allows AI developers to test their models using IBH's real-world data, utilizing's innovative technology to gain insights into model performance and areas for improvement, such as bias and blind spots. To join the waitlist for application approval, sign up now.

The importance of continuous assessment of AI algorithms has been underscored by the FDA Commissioner, emphasizing collaborative efforts to ensure safety and equity. shares this commitment and is pioneering the world's first AI Assurance Network through its MLOps platform, aiming to accelerate the transformation of research-grade AI into clinical-grade AI by tenfold. Leveraging its proprietary platform, Gesund provides independent third-party validation of AI for pharmaceutical and medical device companies, as well as other developers.

Through the partnership with IBH, AI developers gain access to evaluation by physician experts committed to the highest standards of ethics, privacy, and security. THP, a leading healthcare system in Canada, prioritizes accessible, sustainable, and innovative patient care, housing IBH, an engine of research and innovation dedicated to creating a new standard of healthcare. This collaboration with THP marks a significant step towards bridging the gap from bench to bedside in healthcare.

In addition, Gesund's recent activities include joining VALID AI, a coalition of 60 U.S. health systems focused on trustworthy AI practices, and being selected as one of the inaugural companies in the CancerX Accelerator, part of the Moonshot initiative initiated by the White House, announced at VIVE 2024.


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