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Gestalt Diagnostics and Voicebrook Announce Strategic Partnership

Friday, August 19, 2022

Gestalt Diagnostics and Voicebrook have announced an exciting strategic partnership aimed at enhancing information flow and technology interactions in pathology laboratories. By integrating Voicebrook's Voiceover PRO software directly into Gestalt's digital pathology workflow platform, PathFlow, the partnership aims to greatly improve lab interoperability.

Voiceover PRO is a leading speech recognition-based reporting solution designed specifically to meet the unique needs of pathology. It enables users to effortlessly create high-quality, standardized reports. On the other hand, PathFlow is a cutting-edge digital pathology workflow solution that facilitates a streamlined and fully integrated workflow for pathologists. The collaboration between the two companies will deliver a seamless, automated experience that supports the distinct reporting requirements, including synoptic report templates, within the digital workflow.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Voicebrook to provide this additional functionality directly within our solution," says Lisa-Jean Clifford, COO & Chief Strategy Officer at Gestalt. "The development and product teams from both companies have worked together in a way that reflects our shared values and philosophy of supporting pathologists and pathology labs through innovative technology. Our objective is to enable true interoperability throughout the pathologist's workflow, empowering them to focus on their patients."

As digital pathology gains wider adoption, the management of data and information for each case becomes increasingly crucial. It is essential for all systems in the pathology lab to communicate and share information seamlessly.

"Voicebrook is delighted to partner with Gestalt to streamline the reporting process and ensure seamless integration with all laboratory systems," says E. Bruce Sopko, Vice President of Sales at Voicebrook. "PRO is not only a reporting system but also serves as a comprehensive database for pathology result reporting. Through this partnership with Gestalt, we can harness PRO's integrated system capabilities to significantly enhance compatibility between PathFlow and other pathology technologies in the lab."

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