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Genzeon's Newest Launch - HIP One, an Innovative Healthcare Intelligence Platform

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Genzeon, a renowned technology solutions provider, has unveiled HIP One, a secure intelligence platform explicitly designed for the healthcare sector. HIP One offers healthcare plans, providers, and other healthcare organizations the opportunity to streamline their clinical and business operations within a unified platform, thus alleviating financial and administrative burdens. Genzeon's health intelligence platform places a strong emphasis on optimizing business processes by providing immediate access to relevant data. It is specifically tailored to support teams across various operational departments within both payor and provider organizations.

HIP One leverages the expertise of the Genzeon Healthcare team, incorporating elements of compliance and privacy, and it is powered by generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). This platform is custom-built for the healthcare industry and places a high priority on security and privacy, ensuring secure communication. HIP One empowers healthcare providers, payors, and other healthcare entities to achieve significant efficiency improvements, as demonstrated by early adopter case studies:

  • A 25% reduction in turnaround times by utilizing GenAI for benefits operations.
  • A 35% reduction in processing time by utilizing HIP One for the digitization of unstructured data in the medical review process as part of claim operations.
  • A 30% increase in productivity in medical bill review through the use of digitization and augmentation solutions.


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