Introducing the SIros O™ Transfixing SI Joint Fusion System by Genesys Spine

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Genesys Spine, a renowned medical device company, is thrilled to introduce their latest breakthrough innovation, the SIros O™ Oblique SI Fusion system. This revolutionary system marks a significant advancement in the field of sacroiliac joint fusion, providing surgeons with expanded options to effectively address SI Joint pain and related conditions.

The SIros O system, the newest addition to Genesys Spine's product lineup, builds upon the success of their previous offerings. It incorporates the patented rifled inner diameter and 3D Printed nanostructure, both of which are integral to the acclaimed SIros® implant family. These features enhance implant stability and facilitate osteoconduction, promoting optimal fusion outcomes and long-term success.

Since its recent launch, the SIros O implant and procedure have received widespread acclaim. Surgeons have praised the system's comprehensive instrumentation, which enables smooth implant delivery, minimizes bleeding, and enhances operative efficiencies. The minimally invasive approach of the SIros O system contributes to quicker patient recovery and reduced postoperative discomfort.

Complementing Genesys Spine's existing product portfolio, which includes the highly regarded SIros® Lateral and SIrten® Posterior SI joint fusion systems, the SIros O SI Joint Oblique Transfixing fusion system offers a comprehensive range of options for healthcare professionals. This versatility allows them to select the most suitable approach for addressing conditions such as degenerative sacroiliitis and sacroiliac joint disruption, providing effective and lasting relief to patients.


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