GeneDx and Prognos Health Join Forces to Expedite Access to Potential Treatment Options for Rare Disease Patients

Thursday, July 20, 2023

GeneDx and Prognos Health have come together in a strategic partnership with the aim of streamlining the treatment process for patients with rare diseases using real-world data. This collaboration provides life science companies with access to a comprehensive de-identified dataset that is specifically focused on rare diseases, expediting the availability of life-saving therapies.

Under this partnership, Prognos Marketplace will integrate GeneDx's de-identified data related to rare diseases, which includes regular updates from their whole genome and whole exome sequencing tests. Biopharma companies collaborating with Prognos will receive automatic notifications about clinicians who have recently diagnosed patients that could benefit from FDA-approved therapies.

GeneDx boasts a rich genetic database with samples from over 1.3 million patients, including more than 450,000 exomes and genomes. On the other hand, Prognos Marketplace encompasses lab and health records of over 325 million de-identified patients, as well as valuable claims and pharmacy prescription data.

By combining the rare disease genomics data and expertise of GeneDx with the capabilities of the Prognos Marketplace, the partnership seeks to revolutionize the treatment landscape for rare diseases, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and economic benefits for patients and their families.



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