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Foundation Medicine Enhances Monitoring Portfolio with Introduction of FoundationOne®Monitor

Saturday, June 03, 2023

Foundation Medicine, a prominent company specializing in genomic profiling of cancer and molecular information, has recently unveiled the expansion of its monitoring portfolio with the launch of an innovative assay called FoundationOne®Monitor. This groundbreaking assay is designed to monitor circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), providing a valuable tool for studying treatment response in cancer patients.

The FoundationOne®Monitor assay addresses a common challenge in cancer research and clinical practice: the limited availability of tumor tissue for testing. In situations where tumor tissue is either inaccessible or insufficient, the FoundationOne®Monitor assay offers an alternative solution. By utilizing a tissue-naïve approach, it enables non-invasive monitoring of ctDNA levels, delivering crucial insights into the molecular response to treatment.

A key feature of FoundationOne®Monitor is its utilization of a ctDNA tumor fraction biomarker, which enhances sensitivity and maintains high specificity in tracking ctDNA levels. This biomarker incorporates comprehensive information, allowing for accurate quantification of ctDNA tumor fraction at different time points. Consequently, the assay complements standard imaging techniques in early-phase clinical research, providing a comprehensive understanding of treatment response.

Beyond ctDNA level monitoring, FoundationOne®Monitor also enables assessment of therapy resistance across more than 300 genes. This extensive gene coverage facilitates thorough evaluation of resistance mechanisms and identification of specific variants that may impact treatment efficacy.

At present, FoundationOne®Monitor is available for research use in retrospective studies, specifically catering to biopharma customers. However, Foundation Medicine is actively working on the clinical development of the assay, with the aim of making it accessible to a broader range of healthcare providers and patients in the near future.

The launch of FoundationOne®Monitor signifies a significant advancement in cancer monitoring and underscores Foundation Medicine's commitment to delivering innovative solutions. By expanding their monitoring portfolio, the company strives to equip therapy developers and researchers with a comprehensive set of tools for studying treatment response, even in situations where conventional tumor tissue testing is not viable.



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