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Formation of Comprehensive Cardiothoracic Image Analysis Portfolio Through Merger of 4DMedical and Imbio

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

4DMedical has officially entered into a binding agreement to acquire Imbio, a company previously under the portfolio of Minneapolis-based Invenshure. Renowned for their groundbreaking lung imaging technologies, 4DMedical is committed to transforming respiratory imaging and ventilation to enhance the detection and management of lung diseases. The synergy between 4DMedical's innovative lung function assessment technology, XV Technology®, and Imbio's quantitative imaging analysis capabilities creates a comprehensive suite of products aimed at reshaping the landscape of lung disease diagnosis.

The acquisition aligns seamlessly with 4DMedical's growth strategy, allowing physicians access to a wide range of products that combine structural and functional assessments to provide a holistic understanding of lung health—effectively establishing a robust presence in the realm of respiratory care. 4DMedical's XV Technology®, encompassing both current and upcoming software products, enables regional quantification of lung function using existing imaging equipment or their dedicated XV Scanner.

Imbio's fully automated technology is a valuable addition, transforming chest CT studies into detailed visual maps of a patient's lungs. The accompanying reports offer in-depth data on the nature and extent of abnormalities identified in the images. Imbio's algorithms support various clinical initiatives, including lung cancer screening, smoking cessation, surgical planning, pulmonary embolism management programs, and applications in clinical trials and academic research for diverse diseases.

By integrating this comprehensive toolset with 4DMedical's novel technology and automated point-of-care radiology workflows, the merged entity aims to revolutionize lung disease diagnosis. The objective is to make the diagnostic process more comprehensive, objective, personalized, and readily available. The commercialization of 4DMedical's XV Technology® in the United States stands to benefit from the potential integration into established Imbio contracts.

This strategic move opens up exciting opportunities for the provision of patient screening programs targeting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial lung disease (ILD), lung cancer, and heart disease in both the Australian and US markets. The collective strengths of 4DMedical and Imbio position the merged entity at the forefront of advancements in respiratory care, offering a transformative impact on the diagnosis and management of lung diseases.





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