FluidAI Medical Partners with Medtronic for Remote Monitoring through DIGITAL's Continuous Connected Patient Care Initiative

Friday, September 15, 2023

FluidAI Medical, a prominent AI startup recognized for its Stream™ Platform for post-surgical monitoring, has announced a strategic partnership with Medtronic Canada ULC, a subsidiary of the global healthcare technology firm, Medtronic PLC. This collaboration aims to revolutionize Canadian healthcare through the Continuous Connected Patient Care (CCPC) project, part of Canada's Global Innovation Cluster for digital technologies, referred to as DIGITAL.

Many hospitalized patients, especially those with serious complications, often remain in the hospital longer than necessary after their condition has stabilized. This extended stay is primarily for ongoing monitoring during the recovery phase. Hospital care can incur substantial costs, ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 per patient daily, utilizing hospital resources such as beds, equipment, and healthcare staff, which can potentially limit a hospital's capacity to admit new patients.

The CCPC project's objective is to enable patients to continue their care at home following their hospital discharge. This will be achieved through the development of innovative predictive analytics, AI, and home monitoring technology that seamlessly integrates with existing medical systems, ensuring uninterrupted care from the hospital to the patient's home.

Medtronic leads the CCPC project in collaboration with a consortium of distinguished Canadian healthcare and technology organizations, including Cloud DX, Excelar Technologies, Providence Health Care's Participating entities include St. Paul's Hospital, Providence Health Care Ventures, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Bridge Health Solutions (BHS), StarFish Medical (serving as a subcontractor for Medtronic), and the latest addition, FluidAI.Each consortium member contributes unique and essential components to create the integrated monitoring system.

Rick Sethi, R&D Director of Open Innovation and R&T at Medtronic, emphasized the importance of collaboration in developing patient-centric solutions and enhancing clinicians' ability to provide personalized care.

Medtronic is exploring novel technologies and utilizing a cutting-edge clinical-grade medical device. In parallel, FluidAI is enhancing its existing platform to enable at-home patient use, expanding its functionality to interface with the Medtronic device, and developing a cloud platform to facilitate the utilization of their platform in remote patient monitoring while integrating with the offerings of consortium partners.

Bridge Health Solutions will improve its medication dispensing, tracking, and adherence monitoring solution. Excelar Technologies will enhance its clinical data normalization module by incorporating remote patient monitoring and medication adherence tracking, in addition to improving its data visualization tools. Providence Health Care (PHC) and PHC Ventures are responsible for workflow, needs, patient, and clinical requirements, as well as validating and collaborating on the design and development of the final solution, data integration, and governance. Clinicians from PHC's St. Paul's Hospital and Hamilton Health Sciences will conduct clinical trials and contribute by shaping requirement specifications and designing the process.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) will gather input on user needs to guide the creation of technology, the clinical decision support framework, and user interfaces. Cloud DX will provide a secure, ISO-certified solution featuring advanced tools for patient engagement and a clinician portal capable of monitoring thousands of patients safely. The project is backed by a $5.2M co-investment from DIGITAL, Canada's Global Innovation Cluster for digital technologies.

To ensure the success and credibility of this initiative, the CCPC project team has developed a comprehensive testing and evaluation plan in collaboration with patients, families, clinicians, and industry experts. Their collective expertise will serve as the foundation for demonstrating the platform's effectiveness and applicability."




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