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FDA Clearance Granted for New Soldier® High Flow Microcatheter

Friday, March 01, 2024

Embolx, a prominent medical technology firm specializing in microcatheters for arterial embolization procedures, is pleased to announce the FDA clearance for its latest innovation, the Soldier® High Flow Microcatheter. This clearance represents a significant stride in advancing localized drug delivery for vascular interventions. The Soldier microcatheter leverages cutting-edge Ultra-Thin Wall (UTW) technology, initially developed for Embolx's flagship Sniper® product. UTW technology allows for a reduction in outer diameter while maintaining ample internal lumens, resulting in nearly double the flow rates. Its sophisticated design, featuring multiple discrete longitudinal sections, ensures exceptional pushability, torquability, and trackability.

This FDA clearance heralds the introduction of a new microcatheter platform technology, laying the groundwork for a series of innovative products. The Soldier microcatheter's clearance marks a milestone in the evolution of advanced microcatheters, facilitating the use of smaller catheters for a broader range of embolization procedures. By consolidating the benefits of larger catheters into a smaller profile, physicians can now select a 2 Fr catheter without sacrificing image quality, distal reach, or embolic agent options.

The catheter's exceptional torque response and radiopaque distal tip ensure precise curved tip placement and rotation position visualization. Available in 2 Fr and 2.5 Fr sizes, the Soldier microcatheter comes in lengths of 130 cm, 155 cm, and 165 cm, with the 2 Fr variant featuring a 0.022” lumen and the 2.5 Fr variant featuring a 0.027” lumen. With this clearance, Embolx aims to elevate physicians' microcatheter experience while paving the way for future product innovations.




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