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Expanding Gamma4 Portfolio with Innovative Intermediate Nail and RC Lag Screw for Diverse Surgical Needs

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Stryker, a prominent player in the medical technologies industry (NYSE: SYK), has expanded its Gamma4 Hip Fracture Nailing System by introducing several new components, including an intermediate nail, the RC Lag Screw, and an anti-rotation clip with sleeve features.

Since its introduction in August 2022, the Gamma4 System has been deployed in over 19,000 cases across more than 850 facilities, establishing itself as a preferred choice for orthopedic procedures. With a 30-year history of innovation, the Gamma4 System is specifically designed for treating stable and unstable fractures, bone stabilization, and correcting deformities in various femur regions.

The recent expansion, including the intermediate nail and RC Lag Screw, received 510(k) clearance in June 2023. Key features of this expansion include improved cutout resistance, enhanced fixation, and the introduction of a new intermediate nail option designed for better isthmus support and reduced procedural time. The Phase 2 launch aims to further enhance the capabilities of surgeons, providing valuable additions to the Gamma4 system.





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