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Exclusive Distribution of Single-Use Rhinolaryngoscope Now Managed by Olympus

Monday, September 18, 2023

Olympus Corporation, a prominent global medical technology company committed to improving people's health, safety, and quality of life, has officially introduced the Vathin E-SteriScope™. This novel single-use flexible video rhinolaryngoscope is engineered for diagnostic and therapeutic otorhinolaryngological procedures. Manufactured by Hunan Vathin Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., this state-of-the-art device is exclusively distributed by Olympus and is now available for purchase in the United States, with plans for release in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa later this year.

A renowned leader in the field of endoscopy, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of solutions for ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) procedures, covering access, visualization, and therapeutic options. The recent introduction of the E-SteriScope single-use flexible video rhinolaryngoscope offers healthcare professionals increased flexibility in performing procedures, streamlining workflow, and integrating with enterprise content management systems. This ensures efficient management of patient records and secure storage of endoscopy content, facilitating collaborative patient care across various hospital sites.

Gabriel McHugh, Senior Vice President for Therapeutic Solutions at Olympus Corporation, expressed excitement about the product launch, stating, We are thrilled to introduce this single-use rhinolaryngoscope as a valuable addition to the complete Olympus ENT portfolio. We understand that clinical workflow is influenced by various factors, including portability, efficiency, and connectivity. The E-SteriScope single-use flexible video rhinolaryngoscope provides healthcare providers with flexibility and options when considering these factors and determining the most suitable approach to diagnosis and treatment.

The E-SteriScope single-use flexible rhinolaryngoscope include Portability Physicians have the flexibility to use the E-SteriScope in both operating rooms and office settings, allowing for procedures such as biopsies and injections in different care environments. Connectivity The device seamlessly integrates with content management and data sharing platforms, such as the nCare™ recorder and VaultStream™ server, facilitating collaboration among medical professionals. This enables effective communication while ensuring secure central storage and easy access to patient data. Convenience The E-SteriScope offers a convenient and efficient alternative to reusable scopes when appropriate. With the option for a working channel and workflow pathway solutions, it can enhance procedural efficiency, reduce procedure-related costs, and enhance patient satisfaction.

Specifications of the E-SteriScope single-use flexible video rhinolaryngoscope include a diagnostic scope with an outer diameter range of 3.2mm, a therapeutic scope with an outer diameter range of 4.9mm, and a 300mm insertion tube. The device also features a tip angulation range of 210 degrees up and down to facilitate access to targets, along with a 2.2mm working channel in the therapeutic scope.

To ensure the safe use of the E-SteriScope single-use flexible video rhinolaryngoscope and to avoid potential patient injuries, bleeding, or perforations, it is essential to carefully refer to the Instructions for Use (IFU) provided with the product.



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