Exact Healthcare Launches With a Vision to Empower Physicians and Improve Patient Care

Thursday, December 08, 2022

Exact Healthcare has launched a breakthrough online platform for healthcare professionals, which makes it simple to create and manage membership-based medical practices, such as concierge programs and direct primary care.

Founded by a team of experienced physicians, the company is targeting many of the problems facing outpatient healthcare: long waits, short appointments, and difficulty communicating with a doctor between appointments. By using Exact Healthcare, medical practices can easily launch membership-based programs that support enhanced services, such as extended appointments, expedited scheduling, and direct access to doctors over the phone or text message. Such programs greatly improve the quality of care and also unlock a new revenue stream that helps insulate from the ever-declining reimbursements from health insurers.

"As a cardiologist, I know firsthand the challenges that doctors face in today's healthcare environment," said Dr. Christopher Kelly, the founder of Exact Healthcare. "We want to deliver the best possible care to our patients, but it is getting harder each year to do so when relying solely on reimbursements from third-party payors, which have not even kept up with inflation. Exact Healthcare is dedicated to giving doctors the tools they need to take back control of their practices and provide superior care to their patients."

Exact Healthcare is currently working with doctors across the country and is headquartered in Raleigh, NC. The company's platform is flexible and can work within existing practices, and has much lower fees than the leading competitors. Doctors can customize all aspects of the membership program to align with their own goals and best serve their patient population. Their goal is to provide doctors with the ability to set their own terms, better enjoy their work, and protect their income, while simultaneously providing patients with superior, personalized medical care.

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