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Esaote North America Unveils Latest MyLab™X90VET Ultrasound System Empowered by A.I

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Esaote North America, Inc. is delighted to announce the launch of their latest veterinary ultrasound system, the MyLab™X90VET. This advanced system is now available for purchase in North America and aims to revolutionize veterinary care with its intelligent Augmented Insight™ technology. The MyLab™X90VET is an extension of the well-known MyLab™ product line and offers precise and accurate imaging for confident diagnoses.

With the integration of clinical information and artificial intelligence (A.I.), the MyLab™X90VET simplifies workflow for repetitive tasks, complex procedures, measurements, and lesion analysis. It is a versatile solution that can be used for cardiovascular applications, providing increased speed and accuracy in standard measurements. The system includes a comprehensive package of zero-click tools like AutoEF, XStrain™, and Hyperdoppler, enabling efficient quantification of cardiovascular function.

In terms of connectivity, the MyLab™X90VET features a powerful architecture and high-tech components such as the MyLab™Tablet, MyLabRemote, and MyLab™Desk. These solutions facilitate seamless sharing for educational and training purposes, as well as collaborative live streaming across multiple clinics. Additionally, a picture-in-picture camera on tablets, phones, or laptops further enhances connectivity options.

The MyLab™X90VET incorporates new advanced technologies designed to push the boundaries of veterinary medicine. These include a 1-25 MHz frequency range, XCrystal probe technology, vet-dedicated software and probes, a 23.8" full eLed monitor, exceptional image quality, and ClearWave architecture.

Esaote, with its 30-year legacy, remains committed to ultrasound innovation and delivering cost-effective and eco-friendly diagnostic imaging solutions that meet the needs of customers worldwide.

The MyLab™X90VET will be showcased at ACVIM 2023 (June 15-17) in Philadelphia, providing an opportunity for attendees to experience its cutting-edge features firsthand.



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