Empowering Patients with Digital Innovations: OSF Healthcare Leads the Way

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

OSF HealthCare, a comprehensive health system owned by The Sisters of the Third Order of St Francis, is dedicated to utilizing digital advancements to empower patients and improve healthcare experiences. With its headquarters in Peoria, Illinois, OSF HealthCare operates 15 hospitals, including 10 acute care and five critical access facilities, with a total of 2,084 licensed beds. The organization employs 24,000 Mission Partners across more than 150 locations.

One notable innovation that OSF HealthCare developed during the pandemic was a texting-based communication platform. Remarkably, this platform witnessed a significant 520% increase in patient adoption compared to traditional means of communication. By offering a convenient and accessible communication channel, OSF HealthCare enhances patient engagement and facilitates improved care.

OSF HealthCare also prioritizes remote patient monitoring and telehealth solutions, partnering with companies like Current Health. Current Health, headquartered in Boston and a subsidiary of Best Buy Health, provides an enterprise care-at-home platform that integrates remote patient monitoring, telehealth capabilities, and patient engagement tools. This collaboration enables OSF clinicians to engage in real-time monitoring and data analysis, allowing them to intervene promptly when patients' health parameters deviate from normal ranges. By leveraging the seamless connectivity of Current Health's devices and technologies, both patients and clinicians can enjoy a user-friendly experience.

The OSF HealthCare team highly values the input and feedback received from its staff and patients, using it to continuously refine and tailor their digital platforms and solutions. By actively incorporating the needs and perspectives of caregivers and patients, OSF HealthCare aims to optimize patient care, streamline workflows, and create a digital ecosystem that puts patient-centricity at the forefront.

Through its commitment to digital innovations, OSF HealthCare is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape by empowering patients and fostering a collaborative environment that prioritizes the well-being of both patients and healthcare providers.



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