Empatica and McRoberts Partner to Open Platform to External Algorithm Developers, Expanding Access to Over 200 Points

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Empatica, known for its advancements in digital biomarkers and AI-powered patient monitoring, has joined forces with McRoberts, a leader in ambulatory physical activity monitoring.

Together, they've integrated 71 McRoberts parameters into Empatica's FDA-cleared platform, expanding its digital biomarker portfolio to over 200.

This integration brings a wealth of new metrics to Empatica's Health Monitoring Platform, spanning activity tracking, energy expenditure, sleep movement, and crucial functional mobility assessments such as sit-to-stand, walk tests, timed ascent and descent tests, balance tests, and stair step tests.

These assessments are vital for evaluating physical function and mobility in clinical care and research settings.

This partnership as a significant milestone in the digital health industry. He emphasizes the value it brings to sponsors worldwide by combining top-tier medical technology and validated measurements, ultimately reducing preparation time, costs, and patient burden.

Highlighting the potential benefits for both companies' customers. The merging of McRoberts' mobility analytics with Empatica's platform and diverse biomarkers promises significant advantages.

This collaboration not only showcases Empatica's platform's compatibility with third-party algorithms but also marks a strategic shift for McRoberts.

It's the first instance where an established vendor transitions from using its proprietary wearable device to a different platform, allowing them to focus more on device development.

This move reflects confidence in Empatica's technology, particularly the monitoring capabilities of the EmbracePlus wearable device.

It also opens the door for future partnerships, positioning Empatica as a comprehensive platform for digital biomarker developers aiming for large-scale initiatives without the need for dedicated hardware and software development.





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