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Elucent Establishes a Fresh Partnership with

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Elucent Medical, an innovative company specializing in cutting-edge medical devices for sensitive cancer screening techniques that aim to improve patient care, has announced its partnership with (SBC). In this collaboration, Elucent Medical becomes a sponsor of the educational and virtual community on SBC's platform.

The Breast Cancer Book Club, a unique support group, offers breast cancer patients a welcoming and supportive environment where they are acknowledged as individuals rather than merely patients or survivors.

Elucent Medical's groundbreaking EnVisio surgical navigation system is the first of its kind, providing three-dimensional stereotactic guidance to assist physicians in precisely identifying and removing cancerous tissue. This innovative device employs an electromagnetic field and wireless SmartClip® technology, emitting a distinct signal that helps surgeons target a specimen, including margins, during surgical interventions. This level of precision, combined with a broad field of view, enables surgeons to navigate directly to the focal point of interest.

The goal is to expand the application of SmartClip localization to cover all soft tissue, with a particular focus on its potential use in lung surgery, thereby broadening the patient population that can benefit from this technology.


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