Digital Solutions for Diabetes Control and Virtual Musculoskeletal Care Set for Comprehensive Independent Evaluation

Monday, October 09, 2023

The Peterson Health Technology Institute (PHTI) has unveiled its plans to conduct assessments with a primary focus on remote patient monitoring (RPM) for diabetes management and virtual musculoskeletal care. These forthcoming assessments are set to be released online early next year, providing valuable insights to healthcare stakeholders, including payers, providers, and patients, without any cost.

The core of PHTI's evaluations will revolve around the efficacy and economic implications of technologies within two critical domains: RPM for diabetes management and virtual care for musculoskeletal conditions. Both of these areas encompass a diverse array of technology-driven interventions that claim to deliver improved clinical outcomes, enhanced treatment adherence, and an overall superior user experience. Through its evaluations, PHTI intends to meticulously review and analyze the existing evidence within each category, offering crucial information to guide decision-making for healthcare purchasers considering the adoption of these innovative tools.

Diabetes, which affects approximately 11% of the U.S. population, is notorious for being one of the most financially burdensome chronic conditions. It disproportionately affects individuals in marginalized communities and those with lower income levels. Effectively managing diabetes necessitates significant self-care efforts, involving vigilant monitoring and regulation of blood glucose levels, typically assessed through A1C measurements. In recent years, a multitude of digital health companies have emerged to support individuals with diabetes through remote patient monitoring, leveraging blood glucose measurement and promoting patient engagement.

These technologies claim to not only enhance blood glucose control but also offer potential benefits such as weight loss, alterations in prescription drug usage, and improvements in mental health, cardiac health, and joint discomfort.



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