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Dawn Health Introduces Ekiva-MS: An Innovative App Enabling MS Patients to Benefit from Remote Monitoring and Enhanced Care

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Dawn Health has introduced Ekiva-MS, a patient companion app designed to support individuals living with multiple sclerosis (MS). In partnership with Novartis, this app aims to empower patients in managing their chronic MS care effectively. Developed with active involvement from MS patients, the app addresses unmet needs related to disease understanding and remote at-home care.

Initially launched in Germany, Ekiva-MS assists patients in better managing their lives with MS, promoting empowerment, and encouraging shared decision-making with healthcare providers. Given the diverse and unpredictable nature of MS symptoms for each patient, personalized treatment approaches are crucial to improve patient care and outcomes. Ekiva-MS presents an opportunity for patients to gain more control and knowledge about their unique experiences with MS, facilitating more informed discussions with their healthcare providers.

The app's name, "Ekiva," conveys a sense of protection and shelter. Key features of Ekiva-MS include symptom and quality of life tracking, passive data collection, and integration of novel digital biomarkers like "DreaMS" from Healios, providing a comprehensive view of each individual's daily life and experiences with MS. This holistic information aids patients in preparing for their next healthcare consultations by offering a deeper understanding of disease activity and relevant insights, while also providing continuous support and guidance between healthcare interactions.

Ekiva-MS marks the first result of the collaboration between Dawn Health and Novartis, demonstrating successful co-creation with patients and swift technical development, resulting in a remarkably short time-to-market of only six months. This app exemplifies the potential of digital health solutions and their ability to accelerate improvements in patient care effectively.



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