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Cordis Concludes the Acquisition Deal with MedAlliance

Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Cordis, a globally recognized leader in the field of interventional cardiovascular and endovascular technology, has successfully concluded its acquisition of MedAlliance, a Switzerland-based company specializing in drug-eluting balloon technology. This acquisition marks a significant stride in expanding Cordis' capabilities in both coronary and peripheral vascular sectors. The acquisition is particularly noteworthy as SELUTION SLR™ (Sustained Limus Release) Drug-Eluting Balloons (DEB), developed by MedAlliance, are expected to be the first Sirolimus DEB available in key markets.

The SELUTION SLR™ DEB technology distinguishes itself by achieving a delicate equilibrium between safety and effectiveness. It employs MicroReservoirs made from biodegradable polymers infused with the anti-proliferative drug Sirolimus. These MicroReservoirs meticulously control the sustained release of the drug, delivering one of the lengthiest and most efficacious pharmacokinetic release profiles among available devices. Extensive studies have already demonstrated the early efficacy of SELUTION SLR™ DEB in both coronary and peripheral vascular applications. Currently, it is undergoing examination in four FDA IDE trials, aimed at facilitating access to the US market.

This acquisition signifies a significant advancement in Cordis' legacy of innovation in cardiovascular healthcare, fast-tracking the availability of this groundbreaking technology to patients worldwide who are grappling with coronary and peripheral diseases. The abundant clinical data supporting SELUTION SLR™ DEB promises to revolutionize medical practices and ultimately lead to enhanced patient outcomes.



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