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ConcertAI's TeraRecon and Avicenna.AI Partner on AI for Incidental Pulmonary Embolism

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

ConcertAI's TeraRecon, the advanced visualization and AI Clinical SaaS category leader, today announced a partnership to offer medical imaging AI specialist Avicenna.AI's CINA-iPE solution detecting the presence of incidental pulmonary embolisms as part of TeraRecon's Eureka Clinical AI solution.  Eureka Clinical AI and Intuition are KLAS top-rated solutions for clinical AI and advanced visualization.

Incidental pulmonary embolism is a frequent finding on routine CT scans of the chest, but only 25% of incidental emboli are reported at the initial interpretation. CINA-iPE is a CE-marked AI tool that analyzes images from CT scans and detects the presence of incidental pulmonary embolism immediately and with great immdiat consistency and accuracy.  Delayed and missed findings are some of the most serious problems in diagnostic imaging, and incidental pulmonary embolism is a significant cause of mortality in the cancer patient population.

"We are committed to expanding the Eureka Clinical AI ecosystem with meaningful AI solutions to support our clinicians and care providers. Avicenna's incidental pulmonary embolism detection algorithm is just one example of this commitment. This unique solution expands access to this critical diagnostic capability via our scalable Eureka Clinical AI platform," said Dan McSweeney, President of TeraRecon.

Avicenna.AI provides healthcare AI solutions that use deep learning to identify, detect and quantify life-threatening pathologies from CT medical images. Using a combination of deep learning and machine learning technologies, the company's solutions automatically detect and prioritize emergency cases within seconds, assess them for severity, and then seamlessly alert radiologists.

"We are delighted to empower the wide community of TeraRecon users with our innovative incidental pulmonary embolism AI algorithm. This global partnership brings healthcare providers closer to a more systematic reporting and treatment of life-threatening pulmonary emboli," said Cyril Di Grandi, co-founder and CEO of Avicenna.AI.

Eureka Clinical AI is the leading AI SaaS imaging interpretation and clinical decision augmentation solution from ConcertAI's TeraRecon. As the industry's most broadly deployed platform, it is unique in that it is open to third-party AI algorithms, allowing consolidated management of all AI interpretation solutions with seamless PACS integrations. Multi-specialty care teams can see results and receive mobile alerts to confirm AI findings, ensuring optimal and timely patient interventions, management and coordinated care delivery.



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