ColdVentures Launches Innovative Class 1 FDA Medical Device, ColdVest, to Prevent Heat-Related Deaths

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Heat-related deaths are projected to increase sharply by 370 percent by 2050 due to rising temperatures and extreme heat events.

In response, ColdVentures, a medical device company, has developed ColdVest, a Class 1 FDA-approved portable emergency cooling device.

This innovation aims to prevent heat-related brain or organ damage and fatalities before emergency medical services can intervene.

The urgency: "Heat-related deaths have been rising dramatically, setting records in 2023 in the United States alone. We need to move beyond traditional treatments like ice baths and adopt new technologies to save lives, as most heat strokes are preventable."

ColdVest is distinguished as the only portable emergency device for heat stroke that operates without electricity or refrigeration. With people experiencing an average of 86 days of dangerously high temperatures globally last year, ColdVest could potentially save thousands of lives annually worldwide.

Heat stroke poses a significant threat to military personnel, outdoor workers, firefighters, and athletes engaged in strenuous activities in high-temperature environments.

The device addresses the critical period before permanent harm occurs by reducing core body temperatures by up to five degrees within three minutes using patented endothermic cooling technology.

It requires no electricity, ice, or special storage—simply fill the integrated bladder with three liters of liquid to activate rapid internal cooling chemicals. Placed over the torso, ColdVest provides immediate relief and stabilization, crucial for individuals vulnerable to heat stroke.






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