CloudMD Expands Health Care Navigation to Vision Care with Launch of Online Prescription Renewals in the United States

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

CloudMD Software & Services Inc., a leading health solutions company focused on transforming care delivery, has announced the introduction of online prescription renewals through VisionPros. Starting from March 31st, 2023, individuals residing in qualifying U.S. states can conveniently renew their vision care prescriptions online. This new offering aligns with CloudMD's commitment to enhancing access and coordination for individuals' healthcare needs, providing them with the convenience and value they expect from their vision care provider.

Recognizing the importance of establishing long-term relationships with individuals, CloudMD aims to cater to all aspects of the value chain. The introduction of online prescription renewals is a significant step toward ensuring that people do not overwear their contact lenses. It exemplifies CloudMD's vision of fostering lasting connections with individuals who require health and well-being services. By simplifying healthcare decisions, reducing friction in the purchasing process, and delivering personalized care, CloudMD aims to eliminate barriers, increase engagement, and improve health outcomes.

Nathan Lane, EVP of Health and Productivity Solutions and US Operations at CloudMD, emphasized the significance of this offering in nurturing long-term relationships and meeting individuals' healthcare needs. By providing the convenience of online prescription renewals, CloudMD strives to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure that individuals receive the necessary personalized care across all their healthcare services.

The launch of online prescription renewal not only enhances the quality and scalability of revenue generated through CloudMD's online eyecare platform but also improves efficiency and flexibility in individuals' healthcare journeys. By eliminating the need for individuals to leave the ecosystem to renew their prescriptions, CloudMD aims to reduce customer churn and increase the lifetime value of its customers. This feature enables CloudMD's extensive customer base to offer their employees or individuals access to a service that not only provides contact lenses but also facilitates prescription renewals, an essential component of the healthcare journey.

The global contact lens market is experiencing steady growth, currently valued at US$14.6 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 4.3%. Online purchases account for approximately 35% of contact lens buyers, and online stores are expected to outpace the broader industry in terms of compound annual growth rate, as reported by the Vision Council.

By introducing online prescription renewals, CloudMD is poised to capture a larger share of the market, enhance customer retention, and provide individuals with a seamless and comprehensive eyecare experience.


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