Cleerly partners with Heartbeat Health in new heart disease detection program

Friday, November 18, 2022

Cleerly, the company creating a new standard of care for heart disease, and Heartbeat Health, the nation's largest virtual-first cardiovascular company, today announced a partnership to use precision heart health to more accurately determine cardiovascular risk and deliver better heart care.

Cleerly’s AI-enabled approach for evaluating coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) allows physicians to more easily identify, characterize and quantify atherosclerosis (plaque) buildup in the walls of heart arteries. This AI-powered scan provides a more accurate understanding of a patient’s risk of heart attack and improves on historical assessments of heart disease that use indirect surrogate markers of disease. Heartbeat Health offers real-time clinical data and device connectivity to deliver a range of clinical offerings, including same-day diagnostic reads, televisits and care programs. Heartbeat Health's nationwide team of virtual cardiologists provide better care wherever patients might be.

The companies’ joint offering expands on the recent American College of Cardiology guidelines regarding the use of CCTA for non-invasive heart disease evaluation. The ability for any individual to proactively obtain a CCTA test in their area with Cleerly’s AI-enabled analysis — and then connect live with a Heartbeat Health virtual cardiologist to discuss a treatment plan — is a game-changing development for the estimated 8 million people1 who should be getting a CCTA annually.

“Surrogate markers too often fail patients as predictors and miss the majority of patients who will suffer a heart attack. In fact, more than half of all patients who experience a heart attack show no symptoms before they have one. We can do better,” said Dr. Jeff Wessler, a virtual cardiologist and Heartbeat Health's co-founder and CEO. "Working with Cleerly, we can improve diagnostic clarity to personalize therapeutic choices that offer both clinical benefit and reduce the risk of a catastrophic cardiac event.”

Together, Heartbeat Health and Cleerly are increasing access to early cardiac evaluations and will offer value-based offerings for health providers, payers, payviders and at-risk primary care practices.

“At Cleerly, we’re working to make CCTA-based evaluation the new standard of cardiovascular care to proactively identify the early stages of heart disease, when we can prevent its progression more easily,” said James Min, MD, FACC, FESC, MSCCT, CEO and founder of Cleerly. “With Heartbeat’s staff of cardiologists licensed in every state in the U.S., we’ll be able to help flagged patients move swiftly into an efficacious and cost-effective care plan, with convenient same-day video visits.”

This joint offering is now available directly to patients across the United States. Individuals who are interested in getting a CCTA exam with a Cleerly analysis can visit Cleerly’s website for more information.

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