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Clarius and Usono Collaborate Internationally to Introduce Wireless and Wearable Ultrasound Imaging Solutions for Researchers

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Clarius Mobile Health, a renowned provider of handheld ultrasound systems, and Usono, an innovative ultrasound accessories developer, have joined hands to introduce a groundbreaking wireless and wearable ultrasound imaging solution for researchers studying human anatomy in motion. The announcement was made at the ECSS Paris 2023 congress, where an athlete was showcased using the mobile dynamic imaging solution on a stationary bicycle at booth number 11.

The wearable ultrasound solution combines Clarius' HD3 high-definition wireless ultrasound scanner, research software, and Usono's ProbeFix Dynamic. This technology enables researchers in fields like sports medicine and rehabilitation to perform hands-free, stable, and reproducible ultrasound imaging during activities like exercise. It is the first wireless dynamic ultrasound imaging solution tailored specifically for researchers in these areas.

Experts in the field have expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration between Clarius and Usono. They emphasize the benefits of combining Usono's ProbeFix with Clarius wireless scanners, such as increased flexibility and enhanced possibilities for dynamic research in muscle and tendon injuries. The standardization and reproducibility offered by the technology, along with the ability to capture high-quality ultrasound images in various environments and activities, are seen as significant advancements for research and clinical practice.

Clarius ultrasound tools for research provide researchers with valuable capabilities, such as accessing raw data, collecting gyroscope information, utilizing programmable interfaces, and employing custom software for real-time analysis. The compact size and lighter weight of the Clarius HD3 scanners further expand the potential for wearable scanning using Usono's ProbeFix, enabling researchers to capture images in innovative ways that were previously unattainable.

Under the terms of their international agreement, Usono has become a global distributor of Clarius wireless ultrasound scanners, research software, and their own probe holders. Both companies will collaborate on co-marketing efforts to promote their combined technologies to researchers and clinicians, aiming to drive advancements in ultrasound imaging research and clinical practice.



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