Clario and AliveCor Unite to Deliver Cutting-Edge Six-Lead ECG Solutions for Monitoring in Decentralized Clinical Studies

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Clario, a healthcare research technology company renowned for its pioneering solutions in clinical trial endpoints, has announced an expanded partnership with AliveCor, a global leader in FDA-cleared personal electrocardiogram (ECG) technology. This collaboration marks a significant step forward, allowing trial participants to conveniently record medical-grade six-lead ECG readings from the comfort of their own homes using the specialized KardiaRx app, which is tailored for clinical trials.

The core of this collaboration lies in the seamless integration of AliveCor's well-regarded KardiaRx app with their FDA-cleared KardiaMobile® 6L device – a widely validated personal ECG solution. Designed for ease of use, the wireless KardiaMobile® 6L requires minimal training, making it readily accessible to trial participants. The app's incorporation into Clario's comprehensive clinical trial platform simplifies the process further, enabling site personnel to securely issue connection codes for setup and login, eliminating the need for participants to create new accounts or share personal data.

Combining Clario's extensive scientific expertise and decades of experience in cardiac safety with AliveCor's adaptable app functionality opens up new possibilities for pharmaceutical and biotech partners. This collaboration offers fresh avenues for incorporating decentralized or hybrid strategies into study protocols, enhancing data quality, expanding participant recruitment, reducing site visits, and ultimately fostering more successful trial outcomes.

Through this collaboration, the integration of FDA-cleared ECG measurement technology into the hands of participants takes a significant step forward, making decentralized clinical trials an achievable reality. The synergy between Clario and AliveCor enhances this capability, empowering visionary companies to develop groundbreaking and potentially life-saving therapies for the future.



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