Carbon Health Introduces AI Charting in EHR System for All Clinics and Providers

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Carbon Health, a leading healthcare company, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking feature called hands-free charting. This innovative tool, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), has been integrated into Carbon Health's proprietary electronic health records (EHR) system across all their clinics and providers. It represents a significant milestone as the first native AI-assisted charting solution to be implemented on such a large scale.

The patent-pending technology developed by Carbon Health enables healthcare providers to generate comprehensive and accurate medical notes more efficiently than ever before. By simply pressing a record button, providers can create detailed notes with the assistance of AI. This integration is seamlessly designed to fit within the existing workflow of healthcare professionals, saving time and fostering a stronger patient-doctor connection. With no screen barrier, doctors can devote more time to patient care rather than typing.

Eren Bali, CEO of Carbon Health, expressed his enthusiasm for the rapid development and deployment of hands-free charting, emphasizing its real-world impact on healthcare delivery. He further highlighted Carbon Health's unique position in leveraging AI technologies like GPT-4, thanks to their vertically integrated model of providers, clinics, and software.

Initial data from the implementation of hands-free charting demonstrates immediate benefits for providers. The system generates a complete medical chart in less than four minutes on average, significantly faster than manual charting, which takes approximately 16 minutes. Furthermore, 88% of the AI-generated text is readily accepted by providers without requiring edits. The AI-assisted charts are also 2.5 times more detailed compared to manually entered notes.

The process of hands-free charting begins with patient consent at the start of a visit. Once consent is obtained, healthcare providers can capture and transcribe audio using AWS Transcribe Medical. The resulting transcript is then merged with other patient information, including demographics, vitals, lab results, and additional notes provided by the provider. Within minutes, an auto-generated visit summary is created in the patient's electronic chart, which the provider can review, adjust, and finalize as the primary decision-maker, all within the EHR system.

Dr. Caesar Djavaherian, Chief Clinical Innovation Officer at Carbon Health, expressed his satisfaction with the technology, describing how it has transformed his work shifts. The hands-free charting feature provides a level of detail and accuracy that was previously unattainable with manual note-taking, and Dr. Djavaherian affirmed that there is no going back.

During a pilot test conducted at a Carbon Health clinic in San Francisco, the use of hands-free charting led to a remarkable 30% increase in patient volume compared to typical visits. This boost in throughput did not place additional stress on the healthcare team, demonstrating the potential of AI seamlessly integrated into day-to-day workflows.

Eren Bali emphasized the significance of eye contact over devices, stating that providers should no longer have to choose between connecting with their patients and taking notes. By unlocking the ability to meet community needs without sacrificing the patient-provider interaction, Carbon Health aims to alleviate burnout and exhaustion commonly experienced by healthcare professionals.

The introduction of AI-enabled hands-free charting by Carbon Health represents a major advancement in EHR systems. This implementation showcases the potential impact of AI in improving care delivery, enhancing efficiency, and strengthening the patient-doctor relationship.


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