Carbon Health Announces Best-in-Class Patient Outcomes from Diabetes Program

Thursday, December 01, 2022

In honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month in November, Carbon Health, a hybrid healthcare company that combines expert care with proprietary technology for easy everyday health, announces compelling new patient outcomes from its innovative diabetes program. To date, Carbon Health's diabetes program has helped two-thirds of its patients with uncontrolled diabetes (A1c ≥7.0%) achieve and maintain recommended glycemic targets, while patients with baseline A1c >9.0% in particular saw an impressive average A1c reduction of 4.2%.

Carbon Health’s program is endocrinologist-led, integrated with primary care, and supported by a team of certified diabetes educators. It is also completely virtual, making it easily accessible to patients with no waiting or travel time involved. The Carbon Health electronic health record (EHR) integrates data from continuous glucose monitors (CGM) into the patient’s chart and enables seamless care coordination among all members of the care team. Patients are able to log meals and medications alongside their CGM data in the Carbon Health patient app, which is an everyday companion to their care.

“Diabetes care traditionally involves fingerstick glucose monitoring and quarterly visits. We’re flipping that on its head with our measurement-based, personalized, and proactive diabetes program,” said Myoung Cha, Chief Strategy Officer at Carbon Health. “We’re the only healthcare provider to integrate a combination of blood glucose data from a CGM device with food, physical activity, and medication into our electronic health record (EHR) to allow patients and their interdisciplinary care teams – including primary care providers – to have incredibly powerful insights at their fingertips. This continuous data better enables our care team to manage our patients virtually and offer proactive support when they need it the most, avoiding one-size-fits-all advice and broken handoffs.”

These new outcomes will be presented at the 16th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes and represent best-in-class results among a number of diabetes care solutions. A recent analysis of 204 patients in the program found that 66.8% with baseline A1c ≥7.0% are meeting the guideline-recommended 70% time in range in their latest four weeks of available CGM data. Meanwhile, 54.0% of this cohort reached 70% time in range in their first 4 weeks of participating in the program then maintained that target thereafter, indicating that glycemic control was achieved rapidly and effectively. Among patients with baseline A1c >9.0%, Carbon Health's diabetes program lowered A1c by an average of 4.2%, compared to 3.3% by a leading digital diabetes competitor.

Additionally, Carbon Health has made the following enhancements to its diabetes program:

  • Meal rankings: This unique feature shows the connection between meals and blood sugar changes, helping patients to better understand on their own which meals they should favor or avoid/limit.
  • Peer support: Diabetes care & education specialists facilitate peer support and open discussions through virtual group learning sessions.
  • Educational content: Expanding the diabetes content library to increase patient knowledge includes offering an evidence-based comparison of popular diets and strategies for eating healthy on the road.
  • Ongoing accountability: Carbon Health’s care team has developed bi-weekly notifications to support patients: celebrating when they reach their blood sugar goals and reaching out when they need help. The notifications also act as time-saving tools for providers, who can easily see changes and better drive care adherence.

For those at higher risk of diabetes, including individuals with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and/or a family history of diabetes, Carbon Health also offers an improved metabolic health assessment in California. Due to the complete integration of CGM data with the Carbon Health app as well as meal rankings, the metabolic insights program now offers even more individualized and actionable insights so patients can see what works and make appropriate lifestyle shifts. Learn more and check eligibility for the metabolic insights program here.

Diabetes and metabolic care at Carbon Health illustrate the company’s innovative care delivery model, Connective Care. Where typical primary care is anchored in a visit, Carbon Health combines technology and expert care so every patient can establish a relationship with their own integrated team, monitor and manage their health on the go, and access in-person care when and where they need it.

“We’re proud of the outcomes that are driving real change for our patients. It’s truly only by leveraging this integrated primary care model that we are able to offer our patients care that is simple, flexible, and personal,” said Dr. Calvin Wu, Medical Director of the diabetes program and endocrinologist at Carbon Health.

More information about the Carbon Health diabetes program–which is available in California currently and in Massachusetts starting January 2023–can be found here.

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