BRIJ Medical Unveils Brijjit BP-75: Cutting-Edge Precision for Smaller Surgical Incisions

Thursday, June 06, 2024

BRIJ Medical, an innovative company in surgical incision closure, wound support, and scar therapy, proudly announces the launch of its newest product, the Brijjit BP-75.

Carefully engineered for smaller and more intricate surgical incisions, the BP-75 is designed to minimize wound complications and scarring.

The Brijjit BP-100 has already established itself as a reliable solution in the field, and the BP-75 builds on this success by offering a lower profile, shorter length, and rounded footpads for precise placement on curved or tight incisions.

The Brijjit BP-75 is designed to complement the BP-100, working together to relieve tension on the incision and promote optimal healing from the inside out.

“At BRIJ Medical, our focus is always on the patient and their outcomes. With the introduction of the BP-75, both patients and surgeons can expect better healthcare results in managing post-surgical incisions and scars".

“We are proud of the innovation and dedication that went into developing this product and are confident it will enhance the lives of patients and healthcare professionals alike.”

“The BP-75 is now available for surgeons and their patients. By utilizing the same tension-offloading mechanism as the BP-100 but in a smaller form, the BP-75 allows us to effectively address new areas of the body.

It helps to relieve tension and improve blood flow at the incision site, reducing the risk of complications such as infections and open wounds in previously underserved patient groups.”



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