BrainChip and Lorser Industries Partner to Develop Neuromorphic Computing Systems for Software-Defined Radio Devices

Monday, June 05, 2023

BrainChip, a prominent player in neuromorphic artificial intelligence (AI) IP, and Lorser Industries Inc., a leading provider of system-level manufacturing and integration, have joined forces to develop neuromorphic computing systems for software-defined radio (SDR) devices. This partnership aims to leverage Lorser's expertise in SDR design and manufacturing alongside BrainChip's state-of-the-art Akida™ technology to create innovative solutions that enhance the adaptability, reliability, and scalability of SDR devices.

SDR devices have diverse applications, including global shortwave and broadcast radio communication, as well as in fields such as astronomy, aerospace, geography, oceanography, navigation, and logistics. Akida's neural network processing capabilities enable SDR devices to perform advanced tasks such as signal detection, classification, modulation/demodulation, encryption/decryption, and AI-powered anomaly detection in signal or acoustic data using machine learning (ML) algorithms.

Diane Serban, CEO of Lorser Industries, expressed confidence in the future of neuromorphic computing for AI/ML and highlighted the advantages of SDR devices equipped with neuromorphic AI/ML capabilities, including increased functionality, flexibility, and efficiency. Serban stated that BrainChip's Akida processor and IP provide an ideal solution for SDR devices due to their low power consumption, high performance, and on-chip learning capabilities, even after deployment.

Rob Telson, Vice President of Ecosystems & Partnerships at BrainChip, emphasized the shared vision of creating intelligent devices capable of adapting to diverse and evolving environments. Telson described Lorser as an ideal partner, given their expertise in advanced SDR technology, to collaborate on a groundbreaking device that utilizes AI/ML for pattern recognition, anomaly detection, and intelligent adaptation to various scenarios.

Akida, developed by BrainChip, powers next-generation edge AI in various industrial, home, automotive, and scientific environments. This fully digital, customizable, event-based AI neural processor and IP is well-suited for applications requiring advanced AI/ML, including intelligent sensors, medical devices with extended battery life, high-end video-object detection, and ADAS/autonomous systems. Akida's neuromorphic architecture enables real-time on-chip learning while consuming minimal energy, making it ideal for low-power, high-efficiency applications. BrainChip is actively building an Essential AI Ecosystem by collaborating with semiconductor, software, and commercialization partners to demonstrate interoperability, functionality, and vertical value.



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