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Body Vision Medical and Mediflex Establish Worldwide Distribution Collaboration

Friday, September 08, 2023

Body Vision Medical and Mediflex, two prominent players in the field of intraoperative imaging and surgical devices, have recently joined forces in a mutually beneficial distribution agreement. Under this collaboration, Body Vision is set to take on the global distribution of Mediflex's Bronchoscope Stabilization System (BSS).

The primary objective of this partnership is to increase the availability of Mediflex's BSS to bronchoscopists worldwide, while also integrating this innovative product into Body Vision's LungVision™ AI-powered image guidance platform. The integration of the BSS into LungVision™ promises to bring added value to Body Vision's expanding global customer base.

Body Vision's established distribution network in interventional pulmonology positions Mediflex to effectively introduce its unique BSS product to suitable customers across the globe, ultimately leading to an expanded presence in this specialized sector.

Both companies share a commitment to delivering innovative solutions that contribute to the core goals of the healthcare industry, such as improving patient outcomes and advancing medical technology. This partnership signifies a strategic move that benefits both Body Vision Medical and Mediflex, with the potential to make advanced surgical devices more accessible and seamlessly integrated into AI-driven technology within the field of interventional pulmonology.


Source: prnewswire

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