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Bloomage Biotech and Lumenis release postoperative care product to accelerate laser skin treatment recovery

Friday, March 17, 2023

Bloomage Biotech, a leader in sodium hyaluronate products, and Lumenis, a pioneering medical laser equipment provider, have collaboratively released the new M22 medical wound dressing for postoperative laser skin treatments care.

Based on Bloomage Biotech’s pharmaceutical-grade sodium hyaluronate, the new M22 dressing meets the postoperative repair needs of patients recovering from laser skin treatments. This new product not only strengthens Lumenis’s product lineups, but also demonstrates Bloomage Biotech’s ability to support the development of the postoperative skincare industry.

Advancing the industry through tight collaborations

As the beauty industry ventures into exciting new frontiers, photoelectric medical beauty solutions have become a favorite of those looking to unleash their natural radiance. According to a report by research firm Mordor Intelligence, the medical laser market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.4% between 2022 and 2027. More than 13 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States alone in 2020. However, as the industry gains widespread interest, so has the demand for its postoperative care.

Laser skin treatments works by opening a channel to invigorate the cells deep under the skin. As such, postoperative care products not only need to supply ample nutrition to these cells but also must use simple ingredients to avoid adverse reactions, such as scarring. To meet these criteria, Bloomage Biotech and Lumenis jointly developed the new M22 medical wound dressing for laser skin treatments’ postoperative care. The product has been certified as a Class 2 medical device and promotes the recovery of shallow wounds caused by removing the superficial skin barrier.

Created to avoid any side effects, the simple formula adds Bloomage Biotech's pharmaceutical-grade sodium hyaluronate to enhance its moisturizing and protective properties. Moreover, it provides a nourishing environment to advance the repair of the skin barrier.

Research capability leads to product excellence

Lumenis partnered with Bloomage Biotech for its strong technical foundation and first-class products. Bloomage Biotech has accumulated rich experience as the world's pioneering sodium hyaluronate research, production, and sales company. Its years of foundational and application research give Bloomage Biotech a significant lead in the field, setting a new bar in product quality.

Bloomage Biotech has not once, but twice revolutionized the field of sodium hyaluronate research, and is continuing to propel the industry forward. The first revolution is the large-scale production of sodium hyaluronate using microbial fermentation, significantly reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and ensuring consistent and controllable quality. The second is the world's first production of oligo sodium hyaluronate using a patented enzymatic degradation technology, which precisely controls the molecular volume of sodium hyaluronate and expands its application scope from raw materials to medical, skincare, and food industries, meeting the demand for various industries.

Bloomage Biotech has developed over 200 standardized products based on its sodium hyaluronate research. They have been widely recognized by international markets for their quality and qualifications, exceeding the European Pharmacopoeia, Japanese Pharmacopoeia, and China's Drug Quality Standards. Moreover, their main quality evaluation metrics, such as nucleic acid and endotoxin impurities, are respectively 1/50 and 1/20 of the values specified by the European Pharmacopoeia, far outperforming international standards. In parallel, Bloomage Biotech has obtained multiple quality certifications from China GMP, U.S. cGMP, South Korea MFDS, and E.U. CEP.

Laser skin treatments are ushering the medical beauty industry into the era of universal accessibility. But as the field continues to innovate, there will be a growing demand for postoperative care, and sodium hyaluronate is the perfect material for the application.

With its industry leadership in pharmaceutical-grade sodium hyaluronate research and development, Bloomage Biotech is committed to exploring new application for its robust product portfolio to create even more refined user experiences.



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