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BIOTRONIK's State-of-the-Art LiveSupport Successfully Used in BIOMONITOR Implantable Cardiac Monitor Implants

Thursday, July 07, 2022

BIOTRONIK's state-of-the-art LiveSupport feature was used to remotely support two BIOMONITOR Implantable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) implants shortly after launch. Both procedures were performed with a BIOTRONIK representative in a remote location. The physicians are pleased with the results and the support offered; they are also excited about future possibilities this technology can hold.

Developed in part as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BIOTRONIK's LiveSupport allows a representative to provide technical support remotely, allowing for faster procedural scheduling, more control over time management for physicians and staff, and peace of mind that expertise is always available.

"LiveSupport was designed to improve clinics' efficiency, allow more flexibility in patient care and reduce waiting time by providing real-time remote support with the option to take over control when needed," says Ryan Walters, President, BIOTRONIK, Inc. "Before LiveSupport, an unexpected procedure could cause a delay of several hours and disrupt a clinic's schedule for the rest of the day. With this new feature, those delays are a thing of the past. We are proud to pioneer a solution for this pressing concern."

The feature is anticipated to see heavy use in rural areas which, in the past, may have experienced a longer wait when a representative was needed for an unplanned procedure.  LiveSupport removes the possibility of what could be a several hour delay by allowing a representative to support from any location.

"The ability to use LiveSupport for unplanned or add-on ICM cases in a rural hospital opens many exciting new possibilities and allows for greater efficiency," says Dr. Gregory Harris of Heart Rhythm Associates, Greenville, NC. "Having the ability to get technical support at any time, from any place means fewer delays and better patient care."

When a BIOTRONIK representative is no longer restricted by their schedule or location, clinicians and hospitals can have better control of their time and improve their workflow.

"The possibilities around using LiveSupport technology for ICM implantation are extremely exciting for us," says Dr. Jeffrey Williams of Jeffrey Williams Cardiology, San Diego, CA. "I appreciate the hands-on approach of having a BIOTRONIK representative in the room when performing the ICM implant procedures, but I see that having LiveSupport as an option can significantly increase the speed of response, and give me the ability to care for my patients in the best way possible when time is of the essence."

Having a BIOTRONIK representative on-site will continue to be standard business practice, with LiveSupport available as an option when needed or preferred by a physician. LiveSupport is available in select centers today, with broad market availability throughout the United States expected in the coming months.

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