Beacon Health System Collaborates with Notable to Enhance Patient Experience and Streamline Administrative Processes

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Notable, a prominent AI platform for healthcare operations, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with Beacon Health System, a locally owned and operated not-for-profit healthcare provider serving a vast patient population across northwest Indiana and southern Michigan.

Together, they are set to revolutionize the process of self-scheduling diagnostic procedures and tests for patients, leveraging Notable's advanced technology.

This collaboration aims to streamline the scheduling of diagnostic procedures such as X-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds, and laboratory tests, which traditionally led to delays in patient care as appointments needed to be scheduled separately after clinic visits. Notable's innovative solution offers several key benefits:

  1. Efficient Order Management: Notable's AI platform will swiftly scan Beacon's electronic health records (EHR) to identify all pending orders, eliminating manual processes and streamlining workflow.
  2. Personalized Patient Engagement: Leveraging AI-driven insights, personalized messages will automatically reach out to patients via their preferred communication channels, prompting them to schedule their appointments conveniently.
  3. Digital Self-Scheduling: Patients will have the autonomy to schedule their appointments digitally, enhancing accessibility and convenience while reducing administrative burdens on staff.

Diane Maas, Chief Strategy & Digital Growth Officer at Beacon Health System, emphasized the partnership's commitment to community health enhancement. She highlighted the significance of removing barriers to self-scheduling and expressed optimism about Notable's transformative potential.

Beacon Health System, renowned for its expansive network of care sites and inpatient facilities, anticipates significant benefits from automating the self-scheduling process. By providing timelier access to care and optimizing staff resources, Beacon aims to elevate the patient experience and operational efficiency.

Co-Founder and CEO at Notable, underscored the importance of personalized patient interactions in modern healthcare. He emphasized Notable's role in empowering organizations like Beacon to deliver tailored care experiences and drive positive outcomes throughout the patient journey.

Through this collaboration, Beacon Health System and Notable are poised to redefine healthcare operations, leveraging AI-driven solutions to enhance patient care delivery and operational excellence




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