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Baxter Introduces Next-Generation ICU Bed, Progressa+, to Address Complex Critical Care Needs

Friday, June 30, 2023

Baxter International Inc. has announced the launch of its latest ICU bed, the Hillrom Progressa+. The new Progressa+ bed is specifically designed to address the complex critical care needs of patients while providing support to nurses in delivering optimal care and aiding patient recovery.

The Progressa+ bed incorporates advanced technology and features that make it well-suited for the realities of critical care, where patient demands are high and clinical staff can be stretched thin. It is part of Baxter's comprehensive portfolio, which includes Patient Support Systems, Global Surgical Solutions, and Care Communications businesses.

Some key features of the Progressa+ bed include:

  • Pulmonary Support: The bed offers in-bed percussion, vibration, and continual lateral rotation therapies to help reduce pulmonary complications associated with immobility. The improved bed frame provides easier access to the head of the bed for procedures like intubation.
  • Skin Protection: Enhanced support surfaces are integrated into the Progressa+ bed to promote optimal skin protection and wound healing. The bed's top cover has been designed for easier cleaning.
  • Early Mobility Support: The bed, in conjunction with an integrated lift system, facilitates early patient mobility protocols while minimizing the risk of injury to clinicians. It includes a one-button FullChair feature and sit-to-stand Chair Egress functionality for safe and easy patient movement.

The Progressa+ ICU bed is now available in the United States, with plans for global expansion over the next 18 months. Baxter aims to provide tailored solutions for various care environments through its comprehensive portfolio of beds and surfaces.



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