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Aviko Radiopharmaceuticals and Neutron Therapeutics Establish Collaborative Partnership to Accelerate the Progress of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

Friday, June 09, 2023

Aviko Radiopharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company founded by Deerfield Management, and Neutron Therapeutics, a leading provider of accelerator-based neutron systems for targeted radiation therapy, have joined forces in a strategic partnership to advance the field of boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) for cancer treatment. This collaboration aims to establish the first BNCT treatment center in the United States and foster collaborations with prestigious academic medical centers to develop additional BNCT facilities.

The partnership capitalizes on Aviko's expertise in drug development and Neutron Therapeutics' cutting-edge neutron delivery technology. BNCT involves the use of non-toxic boron medicines that selectively accumulate in cancer cells. When irradiated by low-energy neutrons at the tumor site, these medicines release alpha particles, effectively destroying the cancerous cells while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

Aviko has developed a pipeline of boron medicines with high tumor selectivity, specifically designed to enhance the efficacy of BNCT. Neutron Therapeutics' nuBeam® system, a comprehensive BNCT treatment suite, incorporates an accelerator capable of delivering the highest neutron flux available in clinical settings. This innovation holds the potential for shorter treatment times and improved patient experiences.

Neutron Therapeutics has successfully installed its nuBeam® system at Helsinki University Hospital in Finland and Shonan Kamakura General Hospital in Japan. By partnering with Aviko, the companies aim to expand BNCT as a treatment modality in the United States and globally.

BNCT has demonstrated promising results, with the potential to eradicate tumors in as few as one or two treatments, while minimizing harm to surrounding healthy tissue. The strategic partnership between Aviko and Neutron Therapeutics represents a concerted effort to advance BNCT and provide patients with more effective cancer treatment options.
The progress made in neutron acceleration has opened up new possibilities for the utilization of BNCT in various medical centers. This collaboration serves as an example of how two companies can work together to advance a promising therapy and address the needs of patients seeking more advanced treatment options.

Aviko and Neutron Therapeutics together offer a comprehensive solution for BNCT, empowering medical centers to provide this powerful new treatment to patients. Currently, there are 16 BNCT clinics worldwide, primarily located in Asia and Europe.


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