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Atraverse Medical Obtains FDA Clearance for HOTWIRE™ Left Heart Access Device, Exceeds Seed Round with $12.5M Funding

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Atraverse Medical, based in San Diego, has announced the FDA clearance of its innovative HOTWIRE™ radiofrequency (RF) guidewire.

This device allows for zero exchange left-heart access while also serving as a rail for catheter-based therapy systems, marking a significant milestone for the company's left-heart access technology.

The HOTWIRE system, represents a significant advancement in left-heart access. Compatible with universal sheaths and featuring optimized RF technology, HOTWIRE aims to improve patient outcomes and streamline procedural workflows.

Cardiac electrophysiology physician at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, CA, emphasized the significance of this FDA clearance, stating, "It underscores our dedication to medical innovation and our commitment to enhancing the standard of care for procedures requiring transseptal access."

The potential impact of HOTWIRE on left-heart therapies, noting its potential to make procedures safer and more efficient. Atraverse plans to demonstrate HOTWIRE at its tech suite in the HRS exhibit hall.

Atraverse Medical also announced the oversubscription of its seed round, securing $12.5 million in total seed investment. This reflects investor confidence in the need for innovation in left-heart access.

The funding will support research, development, and early commercialization efforts. Atraverse Medical, expressed optimism about the company's future, stating, "The FDA clearance, coupled with the successful completion of our seed round, positions Atraverse Medical for continued success in transforming left-heart access."


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