Atlanta Welcomes Groundbreaking Clinical Motion Lab Utilizing AI-Driven Motion Science Technology to Enhance Traumatically Injured Patients' Recovery both In-Clinic and at Home

Thursday, August 03, 2023

BioMech Health, LLC, a division of BioMech Holdings, LLC, has joined forces with the Independent Neurodiagnostic Clinic (INC) based in Atlanta to introduce an innovative clinical motion analytics system. The main objective is to advance patient treatment by providing state-of-the-art motion analysis. The motion lab allows healthcare professionals to quantitatively measure and monitor patients' function before and after treatment, facilitating better treatment decisions and progress assessment to enhance recovery. Moreover, the system offers real-time biofeedback, enabling patients to receive support during their recovery journey from any location.

The BioMech Clinical Motion Lab, located at the Palisades at West Paces in Atlanta, Georgia, provides access to essential services such as neurology, neuropsychiatry, speech pathology, physiatry, and orthopaedics/spine. With a focus on restoring function during the treatment process, this multi-specialty motion lab serves to benefit patients significantly. Additionally, clinicians in the surrounding area will have access to the centralized laboratory for evaluating and managing patients.

To evaluate sudden or gradual changes in movement, the INC utilizes BioMech's advanced technological platform, BioMech Lab, which incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning through This powerful combination allows motion to be used as a functional biomarker and endpoint for various treatments. The system effectively captures and streams three-dimensional motion data from single or multiple sensors, utilizing wireless, noninvasive, self-calibrating technology.



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