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Asep Inc. Unveils AI-Based Sepsis Technology for Evaluating COVID-19 Severity through Blood Samples

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Asep Medical Holdings Inc. has announced the results of a recent scientific study that suggests severe COVID-19 can be classified as a form of sepsis based on blood gene expression signatures. The study emphasizes the potential benefits of a rapid diagnostic test for sepsis, such as the company's SepsetER™ sepsis diagnostic test. This test could not only identify COVID-19 patients at risk of developing severe sepsis but also enable individualized treatment approaches.

Asep Inc. is at the forefront of sepsis diagnosis innovation. Their technology, currently in advanced development, has the potential to significantly impact sepsis management in future pandemics, beyond just COVID-19. The study examined blood samples from 124 patients with confirmed COVID-19 infections, collected during early (1-5 days post-hospital admission) and late (6-20 days post-hospital admission) stages, in hospitals located in Quebec, Canada.

The findings of this study hold great promise for healthcare professionals dealing with severe and life-threatening cases of COVID-19. It underscores the importance of early identification of sepsis upon patients' arrival in the emergency room. Asep's SepsetER test is a fast, efficient, and highly accurate solution for identifying patients at the highest risk of progressing to severe sepsis. The results from these clinical trials will support the company's regulatory filings with the FDA, with the goal of obtaining clearance for the test's use in hospitals.



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