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ARTBIO and SpectronRx Join Forces to Manufacture Key Components for New AlphaDirect™ Technology

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

ARTBIO, Inc. (ARTBIO), a company specializing in clinical-stage radiopharmaceuticals and the development of targeted alpha-ligand radiopharmaceutical (ART) therapies, has recently formed a strategic partnership with SpectronRx, a prominent player in the radiopharmaceutical industry. The collaboration's primary objective is to facilitate the manufacturing of essential components for ARTBIO's proprietary AlphaDirect™ isotope isolation technology.

The agreement between the two companies involves SpectronRx taking charge of producing a critical component of AlphaDirect™. This technology is groundbreaking as it offers high purity Pb212 derived from readily available raw materials, making it a unique system in its field.

The partnership is planned to span several years, encompassing technology transfer, development, and the qualification and release of technical components. AlphaDirect™, developed by ARTBIO, boasts several advantages, including a desktop format suitable for installation in facilities of any size, a straightforward process without fluid separation, ensuring purity levels surpassing 99.9%, and a simplified supply chain using starting materials from easily accessible nuclear industry reserves, thus reducing uncertainties and costs.

SpectronRx's extensive experience in handling and manufacturing rare medical radioisotopes, such as Ac-225 (actinium-225) and Pb-212, along with their established infrastructure for radiopharmaceutical contract development (rCDMO) and radiopharmaceutical contract manufacturing (rCMO), positions them to significantly contribute to ARTBIO's improvement and validation of manufacturing processes, ultimately preparing them for regulatory reviews by FDA and EMA.



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